Open Story: Hello fall, hello spring

Editor's note:Saturday, September 22, marked the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the southern hemisphere. This is a collaborative effort by iReport contributors around the world documenting the September 2012 equinox through mobile photography.
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  • The September equinox arrives Saturday, September 22
  • Go outside and take a picture with your phone
  • Upload it to iReport using the CNN mobile apps

Saturday, September 22, marked the start of autumn in most of the world (and the start of spring in the southern hemisphere). We celebrated the change of seasons with a global photo project.


Your  assignment was simple: Any time on Saturday, use your mobile device to take a photo that illustrates your outdoor surroundings. The photo could be a landscape, skyline, street or action shot -- but we asked that it be shot horizontally and have no filters.


We asked people to tell us the kind of phone used to take the photo, time it was shot, as  well as what the weather was like that moment.


The best shots were showcased on CNN as part of "Our Mobile Society," an initiative examining the impact of mobile technology on our lives.


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