Open Story: Sandy's damage across the East Coast

Editor's Note: This story is a collaborative effort of CNN and iReport contributors who are documenting the impact of Sandy along the U.S. East Coast.
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  • Sandy made landfall in New Jersey Monday evening
  • The storm left millions without power and thousands of flights canceled
  • Upload your images of the storm, and share comments below

(CNN) -- Superstorm Sandy has officially caused more than 100 deaths and left millions without electricity across the northeastern U.S. Next, freezing temperatures, lingering power outages and an incoming low pressure system could make matters worse.


Sandy made landfall Monday, October 29, along the coast of southern New Jersey. The storm's powerful winds and rain wreaked havoc in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, causing flooding, storm surges, wind damage and power outages. Sandy also combined with a cold front to cause snowstorms and power outages in some mid-Atlantic states.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg called Sandy the city's "worst storm ever." Public transit systems were shut down, schools and workplaces were closed, and more than 19,000 flights were canceled as a result.


We have received thousands of photos and videos from residents documenting its impact in four countries and 15 states. If you’re affected, share your images and footage with CNN iReport, but please stay safe.


Please note: The weather is often unpredictable and sometimes dangerous. Do not expose yourself to a risky or potentially dangerous situation.