Open Story: Boston Marathon bombings

Editor's note: This story is a collaborative effort of iReport contributors telling the story of the explosions and aftermath in Boston. The stories on the timeline are chronological – with the earliest iReports at the far left.
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  • Two large explosions went off near the Boston Marathon finish line Monday, killing three
  • People have posted photos and videos of the explosion, vigils, and subsequent manhunt for suspects
  • Were you at the Boston Marathon or nearby? Send us your photos or videos, but as always, stay safe

(CNN) –As a set of twin explosions struck near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday, it quickly became apparent that the attack was one of the most well-documented bombings in history, thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, personal cameras and news crews on the scene. And on Friday, the world witnessed another first as the city of Boston was completely shut down in a manhunt for the suspected bombers.


CNN iReport has verified and collected some of the best eye-witness photos and video from the bombings and subsequent manhunt above. As you click through the stories from left to right, you see the immediate chaos of the bombings give way to speedy and well-handled response from police, firefighters, medical personnel and fellow runners.


Stories of kindness and heroism emerged, as did demonstrations of solidarity and support around the country and world. Later in the timeline, you'll see the streets of Boston eerily empty as residents were ordered to stay in their homes while police searched for the suspects.


Explore the map to see how people experienced the bombings and aftermath.