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Advertising Sales and Marketing
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"Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away!" And I live by that..I look at the road map as I'm backing out of my driveway..With an enlightened awareness that age brings with it..More of my life is in front of me than behind..there's a life that you learn with and the one you live as a result of that knowledge..It's made me a fierce I'm taking advantage of every moment I have left. I have 6 children..3 girls and 3 boys. I have two grandsons that live with my daughter, Bree , a doctor, and her husband in Washington State. I have two more daughters..Kara, a graduate from SUNY Oneonta and now works as an Graphics Production Assistant at MSNBC and one that's graduated Pratt Institute with a BFA and works in Brooklyn as an artist and tattoo artist. My three sons, Matt, is a senior at Watertown High School and loves track and soccer, Daniel and David are twins, both Juniors at WHS. They play lots of sports but love soccer and baseball. I'm their biggest fan! All do well, academically. I'm a salesman and marketer and sell the intangible ideas and concepts that make my clients money. I 'manage' an advertising agency and a direct mail company called AmeriCoups. Owning my own business is the most rewarding and challenging job I've ever worked at. I believe that the best deals are those where both sides win and position myself to see that that happens for my customers and theirs.. I live 60 miles north of Syracuse, New hour from Ottawa, Canada. My kids and I enjoy camping in the fishing but hold nothing against worms. The kids all have and are involved in sports so I'm known to cry "FOUL" to the referee when I think it's necessary. Not a "potty mouth" here. My friends know where I stand..and that's always beside them. If they're lucky enough to have gained my trust.
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