From hobby to job
Wife and mother Mavis Butterfield took her passion for gardening and started a frugal living blog.
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Have you transformed your passion into profits?
Share your stories of how you turned your hobby into a job.
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From hobby to job

The number of Americans filing for first-time unemployment benefits was on the uptick for July 2013. But as the traditional job market landscape changes, so does the American workforce.


Despite news of unemployment, we are seeing examples of people creating alternative jobs for themselves, taking a new course in their American journey. Some people are transforming their hobbies into jobs, coders are setting up start-ups, cooks are opening food trucks and artists are selling their works in online stores.


Are you one of these visionaries, dreamers, doers? Have you taken your hobby and made it into a job? Tell us your story and send us an original photograph of you at your job.  The best stories will be featured on CNN!



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