Creative neighborhood mailboxes
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Creative neighborhood mailboxes

Who doesn't remember a visit from the neighborhood mail carrier? Waiting by the door for an anticipated delivery, exchanging envelopes and boxes -- but that storied American tradition may soon come to an end.


United States Postal Service is considering a move to phase out at-your-door mail delivery. The move would save the cash-starved USPS approximately $4.5 billion every year. Instead, neighborhood residents will pick up their mail from curbside boxes or localized mailbox clusters.


But home mailboxes are one of the first hints of personality to greet a visitor (or postal worker). Is there a mailbox in your area that stands out to you? Do you remember a particularly original one from your childhood home? Share an original image on iReport and your photo could be featured on


UPDATE - This story published on CNN, read the story: The end of creative mailboxes?

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