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Take us back into your personal time capsule.
How have your views and style changed since the 1980s?
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Life in the early 1980s: Style and politics

When Crossfire launched on CNN in 1982, the show was all about the Cold War, Reagan administration, death penalty, sex education – and bow-ties, big glasses, and tweed-and-yellow blazers with diagonally-striped ties.


Now, 31 years later, the political debate show is coming back on September 9. We dove into the archives from the early days of the show and found a fascinating look-back into what people were talking about – and what they wore.


We want to hear your perspective too. Take us back into your personal time capsule. In the early 1980s, what did you believe? What did you look like? How have your views and your style changed since then?


Share a photo of yourself from that time and tell us about what mattered to you then and now.


Check out the story and gallery on CNN.com featuring your submissions!

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