Where is my home?
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What defines "home" for you?
Share your concept of home with CNN in text, photos or video.
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Where is my home?

Some people live in the same town, even the same house, their entire childhood. They know that's their home. But what about those who don't have a clear idea of where "home" actually is?


We want to hear from the third culture kids, the military brats, the adoptees — anybody who would have a hard time returning home because they're not quite sure where home is. When you don't have a clear hometown, how do you define home? Is it based on your birthplace? Nationality? Ethnicity? Culture? Where you spent the most time, or where your parents live?


Tell us: What feels like home to you, and why? Your response could be featured in CNN's "Going Home" series.


Featured on CNN: 'Home' for the holidays? Not so easy

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