This is a business trip?!
CNN iReport editor Katie Hawkins-Gaar met "Cowboy Bob" Morgan while on a business trip to Plato, Missouri - the center of U.S. population.
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This is a business trip?!

Almost every business traveler has suffered through a red-eye to New York, Los Angeles or Washington. But have you ever been sent somewhere so extraordinary or offbeat that you thought to yourself, "this is for work?!"


We want to know about all the unexpected, unusual, glamorous or downright strange places you've been sent for work. Did you get put up in a five-star hotel, or stay in the smallest town you've ever seen? Maybe you went to a festival you'd never heard of, or visited a country you didn't know existed? Whatever your unforgettable business travel experience was, we want to hear it.


Thank you for your submissions! We featured them in this photo gallery on CNN Travel.

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