Shutdown over: What next?
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The shutdown is over for now after President Obama signs bill passed by Congress.
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Shutdown over: What next?

President Barack Obama has signed a bill that ends the 16-day partial  government shutdown and raises the debt ceiling (the government's borrowing limit), the White House said  early Thursday morning.


Federal workers should expect to return to work Thursday morning, the director of the Office of Management and Budget said.


Washington politics and gridlock aside, the real effects of the shutdown were most apparent in the stories of everyday Americans.


Previously, many of you shared your fears about the shutdown. Now it's over, are you relieved? How has it affected your life? What will you do now? If you are a federal employee, how does it feel getting back to work?


Share a photo of yourself and tell us how the shutdown has affected you in a tangible way. You could be part of CNN’s coverage of the shutdown.


Original photos and video are preferred. If you don’t have images to share, we invite you to submit a written perspective.



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