Document income inequality where you live by taking a photo of a dividing line (real or symbolic) between rich and poor.
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Columnist John Sutter is trying to bring hope to places that need it most -- with your help. You voted on the social justice issues he'll cover this year.
'Cross the gap' on income inequality

We've added another assignment on income inequality as part of Change the List. Check it out here.


The U.S. gap between rich and poor has been getting wider for decades, and that's easy enough to see if you look at American neighborhoods.


Every community seems to have a dividing line.


Too often, though, these divisions are invisible or unspoken.


Perhaps one way to start to narrow the gap between rich and poor is to acknowledge its existence -- and to remind ourselves that we create these rifts.


That's the goal of a project we're calling 'Cross the Gap.'


Here's how to participate:


1. Take a photo of something that divides your community.

2. Upload the image by clicking "add your story" at the top of the page.

3. Include the hashtag #crossthegap with your submission if you want to post the photo to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or elsewhere.

4. In the caption, write why this particular thing -- it could be a highway, a sign, a language barrier, a park, a building, or whatever -- divides your community.


Say a little bit about yourself or your town. Which side of the gap are you from? What could you do to help break down this particular barrier?


The best submissions will be turned into a story and gallery as part of CNN columnist John Sutter's Change the List project, which is currently focused on income inequality in the United States. The topics he's focusing on were chosen by readers.

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