My income makes me feel …
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My income makes me feel …

Let’s face it, money is a taboo subject and most people want to avoid the awkward conversation. But what’s undeniable is that America has one of the highest levels of income inequality in the developed world -- and the gap between rich and poor has been getting wider for decades.


We know this is a problem, and that’s why we’d like to have an honest conversation about income inequality. As an ice breaker, we’d like you to fill in the blank:


My income makes me feel ___________.


Whether your pay makes you feel powerful or it makes you long for more, we’d like to hear your personal stories. Please write out your response, and share and a photo of yourself if you like.


Our goal is to pair up people to have open conversations about income inequality, based on your responses. Your thoughts could be featured in a story on CNN.


Published on CNN: Opinion: My income makes me feel ____

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