Looking for loved ones in the Philippines
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Looking for loved ones in the Philippines

Thousands of people in the Philippines were evacuated as Typhoon Haiyan --  one of the strongest typhoons in recorded history -- barreled toward the country. Now that the storm has passed, thousands remain displaced or missing in the region.


Are you searching for a family member?


If you're looking for someone missing in the Philippines, or if you have information about someone there, Google.org has launched the Typhoon Yolanda Person Finder. A Google crisis map has also been added to detail evacuation centers and areas designated for relief.


We invite you to post an iReport about your family member here, so that CNN may contact you. Upload his or her photo here, and in the title of your iReport, please enter the missing person's information like this: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME; age; city


Any additional information that you think may help can go in the body of the iReport. CNN will be sharing this information with Google to add to their database.


If you have survival stories or aftermath images to share, please upload them here.


And if you're in Philippines and safe, please take a look through the photos and share any information you may have.


Additional Resources:

Visit CNN's Impact Your World page to see how you can help. There's a list of certified organizations operating in the area to provide help and other forms of aid.


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