Shopping carts in the wild
Cody McCloy/CNN
Expired: Feb 24, 2014
Have you seen a lonely shopping cart abandoned from its supermarket home?
Share your photos of shopping carts in unexpected places
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Shopping carts in the wild

Everyone expects to see shopping carts near grocery stores and supermarkets. But sometimes these four-wheeled carts crop up in unexpected places.


February has been deemed Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month, an awareness-raising campaign started by a frustrated grocery store owner named Anthony Dinolfo. We want to see your photos of stranded shopping carts. What’s the oddest place you’ve seen a cart in the wild?


Send us your photos of shopping carts stranded in your area and, if you want to get karma points, take the time to return the cart to its original home.


On CNN: When shopping carts go rogue

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