Do you eat ethically?
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More of us than ever are watching what we eat. Are you careful about where your food comes from?
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Do you eat ethically?

The concepts of eating ethically and watching where our food comes from have become hot topics in the food world.


CNN’s forthcoming Freedom Project documentary examines the cocoa industry and the work undertaken to combat exploitation of workers throughout the journey from “bean to chocolate bar,” shining a light on the often challenging issue of eating ethically.


Broadly speaking, eating ethically can cover anything from vegetarianism to eating only local produce and boycotting foodstuffs and products which are considered wasteful or exploitative -- for many it’s a personal choice.


We want to hear from you -- do you try to eat ethically? If so, how? Do you only eat local produce, using nothing that’s been transported via air travel? Avoid certain products or grow your own?


Send us your experiences and pictures of how you strive to eat ethically and you could be part of CNN’s coverage.


On CNN Eatocracy: Stop, think and eat ethically

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