What do you love about Chicago?
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Expired: Apr 24, 2014
Chicagoans, we'd like to hear why you love Chi-town.
Share a photo or short video response.
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Chicago, Illinois
What do you love about Chicago?

Chicago is famous for a lot of things: Chicago-style hot dogs, deep dish pizza, the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower), Michigan Avenue and so much more. The city is also known for some unflattering things: A high murder rate, failing schools and government corruption.


CNN will be airing a documentary series called “Chicagoland,” which will focus on the tough issues the city is facing. To contrast the dark side, we’d like to know what Chicago does right, from the people who live there.


Go to your favorite spot in the city, film a 15-second video and tell us what you love about living in Chicago. (Tip: Shoot a horizontal video for the best look -- vertical videos are a no-no.) Photographers can get in on the action too; just snap us a photo that captures your love for the city.


If you prefer, you can share your images via Instagram by tagging #mychicagoland.


The best videos could be part of CNN's "Chicagoland" coverage. "Chicagoland" is an eight-part docu-series running on CNN TV starting Thursday, March 6, to Thursday, April 24.


Published on CNN: Dear Chicago, we love you despite it all

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