Remote aerial photography
Petr Hejl spent the past year doing aerial videography with a GoPro camera mounted on a radio-controlled helicopter.

Ever shot a drone video?
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Remote aerial photography

A growing number of aerial photography hobbyists are using cameras mounted on remote-controlled airplanes and helicopters to shoot some stunning bird’s eye footage and photos.


Soaring up to several hundred feet above the ground produces some unbeatable views. To get a perfect shot, hobbyists program their aerial unmanned vehicles with precise routes and mount the cameras on gimbals, which keep the camera stable even as the drone moves about.


Regulations governing drones differ among countries. In the U.S., the Federal Aviation Administration has banned their use for commercial purposes since 2007, but allows operators of radio-controlled aircraft to shoot photos and video for personal use.


Have you ever used an unmanned aerial vehicle to shoot photos or video for personal use? Share your work here and tell us how you did it. We’ll feature the best on


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On How to shoot amazing video from drones

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