I'm more than my score
CNN.com producer Jamie Gumbrecht poses with her SAT score.

What did your SAT or ACT score mean for you?
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I'm more than my score

Who doesn't remember fretting over test day? Students spend so much time, stress and energy preparing for the SAT and ACT U.S. college entrance exams. What does that score really mean in the long run? Some college admissions officials wish students would stress less about their test scores, and focus more on leading lives filled with curiosity and exploration.


The 2016 SAT college exam is undergoing sweeping changes and reverting back to its original 1600 point scale. In light of the news, The New York Times published a list of celebrities with their SAT scores. Would you be surprised to hear that pop singer Ke$ha got a 1,500? Or that former U.S. President George W. Bush got a 1,206 and actress Scarlett Johansson scored 1,080?


We all know we’re more than a test score. How did you perform on the SATs or ACTs, and how did your life turn out? Was your score crucial to getting into the college of your dreams, reflective of your occupation, or does it simply not matter at all to you now?


Take a photo of you holding up your score and tell us why you're more than your score. The best images and stories will be featured on CNN.

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