Pint-size entrepreneurs
U.S. President Bill Clinton stops at Gabe's road-side "Lemonade Stand" in 1993. (John Mottern/AFP/Getty Images)

Is your kid business savvy?
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Pint-size entrepreneurs

Children as young as six are turning their big, creative ideas into money-making businesses.


Matthew and Adam Toren, authors of the guidebooks "Kidpreneurs," say "it's never too early" to teach kids the benefits of sound money management and best business practices. They believe that children who maintain a successful business have limitless futures ahead of them.


Does your child have business know-how? Whether your son or daughter has taken the lemonade stand to the next level, publishes a magazine, built the next great social network, or simply knows the right street corner that will draw customers to a bake sale, we want to hear about it.


Share a photo of your child's business endeavors and tell us a bit about his or her best business practices. Tell us how your child came up with the idea, why you encouraged it, and some of the challenges your child had to face to get his or her business off the ground.


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You're never too young to be CEO

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