Parents, how do you keep your kids safe?
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Guns and children

A string of U.S. school shootings in 2014, like the one at a high school near Portland, Oregon, have put a fresh spotlight on the issue of gun violence in America and children’s access to firearms.


Apart from the mass shootings, children are killed every day by guns. Although firearm-related deaths have declined since the early ‘90s, they continue as one of the top three causes of death in American children, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.


CNN iReport is taking a closer look at parenting around guns. If you are a parent, we want to hear from you.  Do you keep firearms in the house, and if so, how do you educate your children about the dangers?


If you don’t own guns, how do you keep your child safe in other places where they might have access to firearms?


We invite you to share your story here, with a non-professional family photo. Your perspective could be featured on CNN.


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