Natural wonders in the 50 states
The Arch Rock, a famous rock formation in Corona del Mar State Beach, California. (Courtesy Toby Dingle)
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What are the must-see spots in your state?
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Natural wonders in the 50 states

From the grandest of canyons in Arizona to the glorious waterfalls of Wyoming and all the rivers, valleys, caves and prairies in between -- the natural wonders of the United States are everywhere.


Our colleagues at CNN Travel have highlighted a favorite natural wonder in each of the 50 United States. Have a look, see out what they picked in your home state — and tell us what you'd add! What spectacular bits of nature should absolutely not be missed in your neck of the woods?


Upload a photo of your favorite spot (high-resolution, minimally edited images please) and tell us what makes it special. The best could be featured on CNN Travel.

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