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CNN's John Sutter took a three-week trip down the most endangered river in America: California's San Joaquin. See the tweets from his adventure.
Your favorite river

The United States is marked by many beautiful and mighty rivers. Waterways like the Mississippi and the Colorado River have played a vital role for people, from providing transportation to building and sustaining communities. In recent years, though, the effects of climate change -– including droughts and extreme rains –- have made an extreme impact on rivers around the country.


CNN’s John Sutter recently completed a three-week kayaking trip down the “most endangered” river in America: California’s San Joaquin. Now that Sutter's journey is over, we want to discover the waterways that are special to you.


Did you grow up near a river or currently live near one? Do you remember canoeing or fishing there? How has it changed over time? We want to see your photos, videos and stories.


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