An ode to neon lights
Hong Kong's streets are a dazzling gallery of neon. Christina Zdanowicz/CNN
Due: Aug 1, 2014
Neon signs are becoming an advent of the past.
Share photos of your favorite neon signs.
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An ode to neon lights

Glowing glass tubes of light with neon gas coursing through create the magic of neon lighting.


While these bright lights were a hit in the sign-making industry for decades, they're starting to disappear. Today, neon is being replaced by cheaper LED lights.


As an ode to the days of neon, we'd like to see your photos of your favorite neon signs. Whether you prefer the nostalgia of neon in Las Vegas or the more modern signs in Hong Kong, we're looking for photos from all around the world.


The best images could be featured in a story for CNN Travel.


Published on CNN: Neon signs are dying, but our appreciation isn't

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