Women around the world experience street harassment.
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An open letter to catcallers

A viral video of a woman in jeans and a t-shirt receiving more than 100 catcalls in 10 hours of walking through the streets of New York City has sparked a passionate discussion about sexual harassment. It’s something that every woman has experienced at least once, and it can often be an uncomfortable or threatening situation.


In the video, the woman doesn’t speak back to her harassers. On the flipside, some commenters have defended the men, saying they were just being friendly.


We want to provide a space for women to speak out. Have you experienced street harassment? We invite you to share your story in the form of an open letter. If you could respond to your catcaller without consequence, what would you say?


Some of the best responses may be part of CNN’s coverage of sexual harassment. Please note: We will closely moderate comments on these stories and protect identities when needed. Making this a safe and respectful place is our top priority.


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