iReport boot camp: Putting it all together
The Tower Bridge, photographed here by iReporter eugenia79, is one of the world's most recognizable landmarks, but we want to learn about lesser-known places, too. What's the story behind a landmark in your town?

In the final week of iReport boot camp , we want you to take everything you've learned – how to shoot photos , write an SEO-friendly …
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iReport boot camp: Putting it all together

In the final week of iReport boot camp, we want you to take everything you've learned – how to shoot photos, write an SEO-friendly headline, capture good sound and video, get a compelling interview, edit, and put it all together – and put your new-found skills to use.


This week, we want you to go out and report on a local landmark. But instead of a simple cell phone shot, your report should be a full-fledged package that shows how much you've learned as an iReporter.


What's a good landmark, you ask? Generally, it's a place around town that most people recognize. Of course, the best landmarks for this assignment will be places with interesting stories behind them. Think of the local diner that's been open 365 days a year for 50 years, or the historic statue that all the skateboarding kids congregate around.


How you cover the landmark is up to you, but be sure to think about your audience. What makes this place interesting? What would someone who's never visited want to know? Is there anything particularly newsworthy about this location?


Here's what we'd like to see:

-  A video package about the location or a photo slideshow – complete with natural sound

-  An interview with someone about the landmark. You can incorporate this into your video or your slideshow

-  A well-written description of the landmark that covers all the basics your readers want to know


(Tip: Keep everything together! You can upload multiple files – up to 10 – with an individual iReport.)


We look forward to seeing your stories! The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 26.

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