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Show us the role technology plays in your life.
Make a photo collage and share your creations with iReport and Mashable!
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Make a #techlife digital collage

The combination of built-in cameras, photo-splicing apps and image-sharing communities like Instagram are turning many smart phones into miniature collage-making studios.


In that spirit, we're challenging you to get creative and make a collage about the role technology plays in your life.


Build a composite image out of three to four photos; splice them together using a photo app like Diptic. If you don't have access to such apps, other photo editing methods are OK.


Upload your collage through this assignment or e-mail directly to ireport@cnn.com by Friday, February 25. You must send us your photo in one of these ways to participate.


Instagram users, we encourage you to post your images there, too, and tag them #techlife so we can gather them all together. We'll be watching for your photos and interacting with the Instagram community, so feel free to ping us at @cnnireport if you have any questions.


Update: We're thrilled with your submissions. Find them on CNN iReport and Mashable.

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