Are you a slavery-free consumer?
These shoes were on sale at a traditional craft fair in Croatia. Do you buy handmade items? Photo: Courtesy Ivan Klindic

It can be tough to determine whether products have been produced using slavery.
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Are you a slavery-free consumer?

It can be tough to determine whether products have or have not been produced using slavery. A component of a product -- cotton in a T-shirt, for example -- may be a result of human trafficking.


Thankfully, there are products in our lives that are slavery-free, like the home-grown tomato you had for lunch or the ring you purchased from a local jewelry artist.


As part of CNN's Freedom Project, we want you to look around at the items you use every day and identify a few you feel certain are slavery-free. Do you make an effort to shop slavery-free, or is this the first time you've thought about where products come from?


Upload photos of your slavery-free items and share your perspective with CNN. The best stories will be featured on CNN's Freedom Project blog. The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 17.


Want to find out more about slavery in the supply chain? Check out a brief overview or go to Anti-Slavery International's interactive map.

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