Iowa voters: What's your number one issue?
Deadline: December 12
Expired: Dec 13, 2011
John King wants to hear from you!
Iowa voters: Tell CNN's John King, of "John King USA," your top issue in 2012.
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Iowa voters: What's your number one issue?

Attention, voters in Iowa: John King, CNN's national correspondent and host of "John King USA" wants to hear from you!  John is going to Iowa soon, and would like to know what you are thinking, looking forward to the 2012 caucus.  Are you going to caucus this year? What's your number one issue? Which candidate has your vote? What would you like him to cover? Where would you like him to go?  Post a short video - about 30 seconds long or less - and tell John King your feelings about the upcoming caucus.


UPDATE: The deadline for this assignment has passed. Videos from Iowa voters were featured on "John King USA."

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