Little boxes? Not always.
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What makes your suburb unique?

We’ve all heard the jokes about the suburbs – the houses that look the same, the big box stores that look the same, the cul-de-sacs that look...the same. The thing is, we don’t really believe it.


The suburbs keep growing, and they’re more diverse than ever before. They’ve gotten smarter, inspired art and raised great minds. And they’re not all the same -- there are local landmarks, neighborhood traditions and hidden gems. We still remember trivia that made our towns different or the one-of-a-kind spots we can’t miss when we pass through. We’ve found surprises in the suburbs where we landed, and remnants of suburban history on our big city streets.


So, what makes your suburb different from all the others? Send us a photo that shows what you love, what you miss and what makes the place special, and don't forget to tell us the story behind it!

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Photo: If you live in Marietta, Georgia - a suburb of Atlanta - chances are you give people driving directions relative to "the big chicken." Nicole Saidi/CNN

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