Super PACs vs. the little guy: Why donate?
Expired: Mar 31, 2012
Tell us why your contribution matters.
Are you a small donor to a political campaign? Tell us why you contribute and how you hope your money is used.
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Super PACs vs. the little guy: Why donate?

Super PACs are stealing the show this election season with their ability to draw unlimited campaign contributions from corporations, labor unions, and wealthy individual donors. As of January 17, super PACs have already spent $26 million in this election cycle, according to federal campaign records, well on their way to surpass the $390 million spent in the 2010 midterm elections.

Do the little people’s donations still matter? What inspired you to chip in? Tell us about the issues that tug at you, and how you hope your money will be used in a 30 second video. You could be featured in CNN's special coverage of the high cost of political campaigns in the U.S., during the week of January 23.

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