Fair-trade chocolate challenge
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Child slaves are used to make chocolate bars enjoyed around the world.
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Fair-trade chocolate challenge

Tens of thousands of children toil in cocoa fields, many against their will, to create the chocolate bars that many of us enjoy.


In a CNN Freedom Project investigation, David McKenzie traveled to the West African country and discovered that despite promises the global chocolate industry made a decade ago to end forced labor, there are still child slaves harvesting cocoa, even though some have never tasted chocolate and some don't even know what the word "chocolate" means. An estimated 200,000 children work on cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast alone,  according to UNICEF.


It can be hard to find ethically produced cocoa, but several companies are working to ensure that farmers receive a fair price and prohibit the use of slave and child labor.


For this Freedom Project challenge, we invite you to create a dish using chocolate that is labeled "fair trade" or carries certification by the Rainforest Alliance or Utz sustainability programs. Bonus points go to those who make a delicacy that’s special to their country or region.


Submit a photo or video showing off your creation, and tell us about the experience, including any obstacles you faced in finding or using ethically produced chocolate. Please include the recipe you used.


The best submissions will be shown on CNN International, Eatocracy and the CNN Freedom Project blog.


Thank you for your submissions! Read about the winners here.

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