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What makes you American?
Record a 30-second video sharing what makes you American. Be sure to include your name and the words "I am America."
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I am America

America is as big and diverse as they come. It’s also what makes this country unique.


In February, CNN Newsroom and HLN will feature a series of stories called I AM AMERICA. We want to know your story: Were you raised in a big family – maybe with several generations living under one roof? Do you live in a very rural or very urban part of America? Tell us about your interesting lives and lifestyles -- in essence, what makes you, you. Your responses may appear on CNN or HLN. You can also view some of the submissions on the In America blog.


Here’s what you do:


1. Start by saying "I AM AMERICA."


2. Tell us your name and where you live (city and state). Then tell us something about yourself that makes you uniquely American.


3. Keep your description to 30 seconds or less.


4. End by saying "I'm (name) and I AM AMERICA."


Click through the iReports below to watch a few examples from CNN and HLN staff.

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