What does it mean to be Greek?
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Tell us how the debt crisis is playing out in your life.
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Athens, Greece
What does it mean to be Greek?

Greeks have pulled out more than $1 billion from the banking system on fears their country will drop out of the European Union’s single currency if it can’t make its debt payments.


The European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund have been pumping money into the country to keep it in the euro, but they have demanded that the Greek government slash spending to get the funds. The crisis has thrown Greece into political deadlock and the country will hold new elections on June 17.


With so much world focus on the Mediterranean country, we want to know: What does it mean to be Greek right now?


If you're in Greece or have ties to the country, we want to know how this is playing out in your life. What do you think about how your country is handling the debt crisis? What will happen if Greece leaves the Euro?


Get on camera and give us a brief perspective, or write down your thoughts and include original photos. The best responses may be featured in CNN's coverage.

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