Expired: Feb 29, 2012
Take the leap with us on February 29!
Capture a jump on camera and join our worldwide leaping party.
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Leap Day photo challenge

Celebrate Leap Day with a special iReport photo challenge!


Take a leap, and capture it on camera. Share with us a photo or video of yourself, a friend, or a group of pals, in mid-air jump. Please stay safe and don't do anything dangerous, like going base-jumping. (Unless you're a professional, of course.)


Watch CNN.com staffers get in on the leap day fun.


This assignment will only be open from the start of February 29 in the early timezones of places like New Zealand, through the evening hours of the late timezones of Alaska and the North American Pacific coast.


Your images must be shot on February 29.


UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Thanks for all the fantastic stories! Browse our Open Story to see your leaps around the world and see a few of the leaps on CNN International.

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