Is Obama's health care law constitutional?
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The Supreme Court is looking at the constitutionality of President Obama's health care reform plan.
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Is Obama's health care law constitutional?

The U.S. Supreme Court is deciding whether to rule the Affordable Care Act constitutional. President Obama championed the sweeping health care law, and it's now at the center of political controversy.


One of the most-debated aspects of the 2010 law is the "individual mandate" requiring most Americans to purchase some form of health insurance or face a substantial tax penalty.


Supporters say health care resources are stretched thin by uninsured people seeking care, so having more insured people would lower overall cost. But opponents doubt the constitutionality of the mandate, saying that forcing people to purchase health care represents excessive government intrusion.


We'd like to hear your perspective. Do you believe the Affordable Care Act is constitutional? Why or why not? How will the decision affect you? And, what do you think about the Supreme Court's judicial authority in this matter? Has Obama been trying to pressure a decision?


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