What's next: Draw Something, celebrity edition
Our intern Supraja is quite the prolific Draw Something player! This is her portrait of Taylor Swift. Supraja Seshadri/CNN.

Use the app to draw a celebrity.
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What's next: Draw Something, celebrity edition

If you haven’t already downloaded the Draw Something app on your smartphone, chances are, you will soon. The addictive game, which lets users guess words based on images drawn by their friends, is currently in the no. 1 slot on Apple’s app store.


We thought it would be fun to play a friendly game of Draw Something right here on iReport. Here’s what to do:


1. Draw a picture of a celebrity of your choice using Draw Something on your phone or tablet.

2. Take a screenshot of the image (hold down the hold + home buttons on an Apple device, or go here for Android instructions).

3. Upload your drawing to iReport below. Be sure not to reveal the name of your celebrity in the text! (We'll contact you to confirm who it is before using your image.)


We’ll pick the best celebrity portraits and use them to make a quiz for CNN users. Get a head start and see how many other iReporters’ drawings you can guess!

UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Check out our quiz on CNN.com!

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