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iReport Debate: What’s your top issue?
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iReport Debate: What’s your top issue?

We asked what issues matter to you this election. More than 400 people participated. Between the personal stories and the breadth of topics, we were overwhelmed with the response to part one of the iReport Debate.


From your iReports below, CNN identified the top 20 themes. You went to the poll and ranked the issues by importance.


Here are the top five issues that we will focus on in Round Two of the iReport Debate:

  1. 1. Economy
  2. 2. Health care
  3. 3. National debt
  4. 4. Education
  5. 5. Taxes


The next round of the iReport Debate is when the real debating begins! We'll invite you to share your views on these topics and go head-to-head with other iReporters around the country.


Thanks for your participation so far. We’re excited to move into the next part of the debate.


Have a personal story to share about what's driving you to the polls? Post it here.

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