Let's dig through the archives
CNN producer Jamie Gumbrecht and her husband share this Atlanta home. But in the '40s, 10 people and three generations lived in the same house! Jamie Gumbrecht/CNN.
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Census data from the 1940s is now available online.
What can you find out about your family or home?
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Let's dig through the archives

The National Archives and Records Administration has seen extraordinary interest in a series of 1940 U.S. Census records released online last week. Census historian Michael S. Snow told CNN today that he thinks the records help Americans gain "an understanding of the blood that runs through our own veins."


Here at the iReport desk, we decided to dive in and see what we could learn from the records, and discovered a few gems about the places we've lived. (For example, that one of us might live in a house formerly occupied by an auto mechanic, which may explain all the tools and old tires buried in the backyard.)


It got us thinking: what else might we discover about ourselves and our families? Try your own search and let us know what you turn up. Share a photo of the home or people you learn about, as well as a screenshot from the census records. We'll compile the most interesting findings for CNN.com.


On CNN.com: 1940 Census records unlock family mysteries

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