From garden to table
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No excuses -- get gardening! This is the year you grow your own food.
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From garden to table

There are lots of reasons to grow your own food. It’s cheaper, safer, healthier, better for the environment, and even reduces stress.


So this year, we challenge you to grow one thing for your dinner table: Herb, vegetable, fruit … just one thing that you cultivate yourself.


Whether you're using a rooftop, countertop, or community garden, if you're blessed with full sun or none, we invite you to join the iReport kitchen garden club -- and chronicle your successes and foibles through photos and video.


We'll all learn together.


Let's get started!


Step 1: Click the blue "sign up" button to be included in future emails about the garden club.


Step 2: When you've decided what to plant, upload a photo or two of your gardening space and the seeds, seedlings or herbs you're growing. Tell us what you're planting and why. Then plan to keep us posted along the way!


Your submissions may be featured on CNN or HLN.


Need some inspiration? Check out CNN Eatocracy Managing Editor Kat Kinsman's attempts to grow vegetables on her roof, and other tips and tales from the garden.


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