City smackdown: I heart New York
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Expired: May 7, 2012
Pick your fave in the ultimate city rivalry: New York vs. L.A.
Stand up for the Big Apple!
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City smackdown: I heart New York

It’s time for a city smackdown!


As part of our Destination USA project, we’re pitting rival cities against each other. First up is the rivalry to end all rivalries: New York vs. Los Angeles.


If you’re a New Yorker, here’s your chance to stand up for the Big Apple! Tell us the very best thing about your city, or the one or two reasons you like it better than any other. Make sure to include your most stunning New York photos to back up your claim. Show us why you can take on L.A. any day!


The best stories, photos and travel tips could be featured in a CNN story.


UPDATE! And the winner is...

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