What does your name say about you?
Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson recently created buzz when they named their baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson. Getty Images.
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For better or worse, names often create first impressions
How do you think people see you based on your name?
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What does your name say about you?

A name is often the first piece of information you get about someone. And, like it or not, a name can create a first impression. Man or woman? Race, ethnicity, age, religion? A name can prompt a conclusion about all these and more.


We want to know: What impression do you think your name gives, and is it accurate? Are you a young person who receives AARP information because of your old-fashioned name? Or a man who gets women’s catalogs because your name is gender-neutral? Or does your name suit your biography perfectly?


Tell us how you think people see you based on your name and upload a photo of yourself. The best responses could be featured on CNN.com.


UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Check out the story we wrote with your responses on CNN.com!

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