What does your name say about you?
Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson recently created buzz when they named their baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson. Getty Images.

For better or worse, names often create first impressions
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What does your name say about you?

A name is often the first piece of information you get about someone. And, like it or not, a name can create a first impression. Man or woman? Race, ethnicity, age, religion? A name can prompt a conclusion about all these and more.


We want to know: What impression do you think your name gives, and is it accurate? Are you a young person who receives AARP information because of your old-fashioned name? Or a man who gets women’s catalogs because your name is gender-neutral? Or does your name suit your biography perfectly?


Tell us how you think people see you based on your name and upload a photo of yourself. The best responses could be featured on CNN.com.


UPDATE: This assignment is now closed. Check out the story we wrote with your responses on CNN.com!

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