Living without Facebook?
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Expired: May 18, 2012
Are you or someone you know not on Facebook?
Tell us why you are not on the social media site
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Living without Facebook?

Between the launch of Facebook's IPO and news that its audience has grown to 901 million active users worldwide, it seems everyone is on the social-networking site these days.


And yet, there are still those who haven't signed up for Facebook, or have decided to log off for good. We asked those people to share their stories with CNN iReport and the responses quickly came in.


From privacy issues to the need for more personal interactions, the reasons behind leaving Facebook were plenty. Through the perspective of iReporters we were able to discover that de-teching from the social networking site is really an emerging trend.


Read why a growing number of people are deactivating from Facebook in the story: "The anti-social network": Life without Facebook.

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