Have you had reconstructive surgery?
Aesha was brutally disfigured by the Taliban. She's now going through a long recovery in the U.S.
Edythe McNamee/CNN
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Share your story and help a woman disfigured by the Taliban
How did you get through reconstructive surgery, and how did it affect your life?
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Have you had reconstructive surgery?

The story of Aesha - the Afghan woman mutilated by the Taliban who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine - has touched people around the world. CNN's Jessica Ravitz recently profiled the 22-year-old, now living and recovering in the U.S. She followed Aesha over the course of 16 months, interviewed those working with and caring for Aesha, and finally spoke to Aesha herself.


Aesha may soon start the surgical process to rebuild her nose and ears. It will be a lengthy, complicated and painful journey, and one for which Aesha will need support. This is where you come in.


If you've had reconstructive surgery in the past, we invite you to share your experience and encouragement here for Aesha. Explain how you decided to get the surgery (or, if you opted out, why you didn't), tell us how you got through it and how it changed your life. Video messages are strongly encouraged, and we invite you to share before-and-after photos if you have them. This is your chance to send your well wishes to Aesha. CNN will make sure your messages get to her.


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