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Using an app or website to get in shape this summer?
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Created May 29, 2012 by
Tech + Fitness

No doubt you want to get in shape for swimsuit season. And now, there are a bunch of apps and gadgets that promise to help you do exactly that. But do they work at all?


From apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitocracy to gadgets like Fitbit, fitness technology is rapidly being adopted by the health-conscious and tech-savvy. They promise to help you track calories and workouts, keep yourself accountable, even make exercise into a game. Have you tried one – or a bunch? Have they helped you reach your health and weight loss goals?


We asked these questions to iReporters and the responses were incredibly unique. From social media networks to videogame-like interfaces, fitness apps are transforming the way the tech savvy work out. Check out the CNN story: Want to get fit? Pull out your phone.

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