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What’s wrong with America’s school system?
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What’s wrong with America’s school system?

America’s higher education system is ranked as one of the world’s best, but there are great disparities in the country’s K-12 public school system. Performance rates at schools differ across the country and even in the same state. Two students in the same town may receive a totally different education based on the school they attend.


From a lack of funding and teacher shortages to alarmingly high drop-out rates, America is facing an unprecedented crisis in education. Based on your experiences, we’d like to hear what’s wrong with schools today. What could have been better about your own education? What areas could your school could improve? Or, if you had a great experience, tell us what your school system did right.


What should the next commander-in-chief do about the problems?


Turn on your video camera and let us know what’s wrong with schools today based on your own experiences. The most passionate and well-thought-out responses could be featured on CNN, and even in a one-on-one debate!


New: CNN is sending three lucky people each to Tampa and Charlotte during the political conventions. Click here to learn more about the contest.

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