What if you weren't allowed to drive?
Saudi blogger Manal al-Sharif. Courtesy Oslo Freedom Forum.

Women in Saudi Arabia are banned from driving.
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What if you weren't allowed to drive?

Women in Saudi Arabia never have had the right to drive. Strict segregation by sex also means these women in the country can't travel without a male relative.


Last year on June 17, dozens of Saudi women defied the driving ban by filming videos of themselves driving and uploading them to YouTube. Manal al-Sharif, who CNN featured in a recent story, became the face of this movement, which is known as Women2Drive.


The women are going to stage a similar demonstration on Friday, June 29 this year.


What would life be like if you couldn't drive? We're challenging you to give up driving for one day. Film a video of your experience walking, biking or riding in someone else's car and tell us what it's like.



  1.    1. Introduce yourself using this format: “Hi, I'm Jane from London."
  2.    2. Show us your non-driving experience and tell us what it's like.
  3.    3. Feel free to share a message of support for women in Saudi Arabia who want the right to drive.


(Note: You can be a passenger in car, as that is allowed in Saudi Arabia. Many women there must hire expensive drivers because they are not allowed to drive themselves.)


The best videos will be used in a story on CNN.

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