Living in small spaces
This Denver, Colorado, home spans only 127 square feet. Photo courtesy KDVR
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Is it possible to live large in a small space?
If you live in 500 square feet or less, we want to hear from you.
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Living in small spaces

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg called on designers this week to come up with a proposal for a Manhattan apartment building made up primarily of "micro-units," defined as rentals with 275 to 300 square feet of living space.


We want to see what living in a tiny space looks like. If you live in less than 500 square feet, this assignment is for you: Send in photos of your living arrangements – whether a studio apartment, tiny home, or houseboat – and describe the ups and downs of having a relatively small abode.


Is it possible to live large in a small space? We can’t wait to see! Share your photos and stories, and you could be featured on CNN.

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