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Gun ownership in America
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Do you own a gun? Share a photo and tell us why.
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Gun ownership in America

Days after a gunman killed a dozen theater-goers in a Denver suburb, the nation's political leaders began debating whether there needs to be more gun control. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an advocate for stricter gun control, demanded President Obama and Mitt Romney address the issue in light of the shooting.


However, proponents for gun rights argue that bearing guns is a constitutional right for Americans. Forty-five percent of Americans have a gun in their homes, according to a 2011 Gallup poll. And more than half of the 50 U.S. states have laws that allow people to carry guns in many public places.


If you're a gun owner, we want to hear from you. As the conversation around gun control gains national attention, where do you stand?


Share a video explaining your perspective, or an original photo of you and/or your gun, along with your story. Why do you own a gun? What do you use it for? Has your opinion on gun ownership changed at all? Your stories could be part of CNN's coverage.


Editor's Note: This isn't the first time the iReport community has debated the issue of gun control. Check out our past assignment page to see people's views on the issue in previous years.


Update: iReporters DavidD and VikingFour, both gun owners, went head to head in an iReport Debate on gun control. Watch the video, vote on who you think won and leave a comment on the story on CNN.com.


We also featured your perspectives in this CNN.com story.

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