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What's the visual impact of the financial crisis where you are?
Send us your pictures of abandoned places, and what you wish they could be.
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I wish this was ...

The European financial crisis has caused chaos across the continent, plunging nations into poverty, sparking panic on financial markets, and causing misery to millions who have lost money and livelihoods. And in the United States, the effects of the economic recession are being felt across the country, with a nationwide unemployment rate that stands at 8.3%.


We want to see the visual impact of the crisis where you live. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans artist Candy Chang created vinyl stickers that read "I Wish This Was" and posts them on abandoned buildings around New Orleans, where people fill in the blank with things like "a grocery store," or "a park," or other creative things.We're inviting you to help us expand Chang's idea internationally.


Share photos of abandoned storefronts, vacant buildings, and derelict business districts near you, and tell us what you wish those spaces were instead. The best submissions will be featured on CNN.


Looking for inspiration? Check out Kevin Bauman's photo set of abandoned houses on Flickr and then head out and take your own photos!


This assignment is now closed. Many thanks for your contributions.

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